Every Business growth depends on timing that takes in Grabbing Opportunities.

Meet MyRocketSingh, a complete Rank Tracker Suite that covers all of your needs.

  • GEO-Targeted SERP Results
  • Fresh CPCs, Trend & Search Volume
  • Lowest Prices in the market
  • Keyword Planner (Google / Youtube)
  • Real-Time Notifications (Telegram, Slack & E-mail)

Unrivaled Accuracy

MyRocketSingh uses complex set of algorithms, methodologies and new technologies to bring Exact Accuracy in Search Results to you.


Real-Time Notifications

We never let you miss any UPs and DOWNs, MyRocketSingh offers Real-Time Telegram, Slack and E-mail Notifications.


Flawless Reporting

MyRocketSingh has a Unique Reporting system that includes everything you ask for. Scheduled Reporting, White-Label Integrations and more.

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Why You'll Love MyRocketSingh Like Others

MyRocketSingh is your Smart Assistant that understands the Core Components of Rank Tracking & SEO

  • Location Independent Results
  • AI-Powered Accuracy
  • On-Time Notifications
  • Tracking Competitors
  • Sharable Reports
  • Keyword Planner with Volumes, CPCs and Trends
  • Keyword Lab for Ideas

Join thousands of small businesses, SEO professionals, Digital agencies and personal users using MyRocketSingh every day.

Google SERP Tracker Built for Everyone

MyRocketSingh enables you to track your rankings in the simplest way. Simple user interfaces, features, how-to guides and more.


Location Independent

Track every Location you want whether Local or Global. MyRocketSingh can work in every location where Google is.

The Best Accuracy

MyRocketSingh analyzes Google like you do. MyRocketSingh SERP Engine works like a regular person surfing in Google and provides 100% Accuracy in results.

Real-Time Notifications

MyRocketSingh's Real-Time Notifier allows you to track all changes in your projects instantly. You can get your Notifications to Telegram, Slack or E-mail.

Chasing Competitors

By using MyRocketSingh, you'll always get one step ahead of your competitors. MyRocketSingh will chase your competitors and notify you if any changes occur in results.

Complete Rank Tracker Suite, designed for your needs.


Keyword Lab

MyRocketSingh Keyword Lab is a unique feature that enables you to analyze keywords deeply. Discover the best opportunities, search volumes, SERP features, and more.


Live Sharable Reports

Live Sharing is a fantastic feature that allows you to share your reports with uniquely created links. You can share your current rankings with anyone you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

MyRocketSingh is offering a complete Rank Tracker Suite that covers all of your needs. Unlike others, we provide an ultimate and simple solution to track your keywords' positions with complement features including AI-Powered accuracy on search results. You do not need to buy any other tools for different components.

Some features that MyRocketSingh covers for you;
  • Tracking keyword positions on Google
  • Receive real-time notifications
  • White-label reports
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Keyword Recommendations
  • AI-Powered Accuracy on Search Results
  • Integration with Google Search Console
  • Sharing your report through unique links
  • Receiving daily reports by e-mail and many more features

To start using MyRocketSingh, you need to create an account first. When you create an account for either Free or Paid Packages, you'll have to add your website to the system by creating a Project. While adding a new project, you can import your keywords through Google Search Console or MyRocketSingh recommendations based on your website. After completing your project, we'll immediately start to analyze your website and fetch SERP results for your website. You can also configure other settings by following the tooltips shown in the dashboard.

Rank Tracker is a tool that allows you to access Google's search results in a simple and organized way. With MyRocketSingh Rank Tracker, you can track your website's keywords on Google. If you have good rankings on Google, it means you will get more sales or traffic through Google. It is crucial to keep track of your keywords to understand possibilities and decide your SEO strategy.

MyRocketSingh offers integration with Google Search Console. While adding a new project, you can configure your Google account and fetch keywords from Search Console.

You can track every location in the world. MyRocketSingh offers an ultimate location tracking method; for instance, you can track only Texas / US results for any specified keywords.

Most of the other Rank Tracker tools using old scraping methods to fetch your positions on Google. Those old methods may fail to get exact rankings or many other issues related to accuracy. Unlike others, we are using completely new technologies and methods to get your exact positions on Google. To achieve this, we use complex algorithms and methodologies, including AI. In other words, we are getting positions as you do. MyRocketSingh is Surfing on Google, not like a bot but a human.

Discover MyRocketSingh, Must-Have SEO Tool for all Game Changers!

Complete Rank Tracker Suite designed for SEO Professionals, Digital Agencies, Small Businesses and Individual Marketers.